I went on the Pineapple Yoga retreat in Siem Reap in February with eleven other amazing girls and I have not stopped talking about it since! Amanda found the perfect balance of yoga and meditation, adventure and culture, as well as rest and rejuvenation. She structures the retreat so that everyday could be as busy and exciting or as calm and introspective as I wanted it to be. I left the retreat with a new friends, a new outlook on my yoga practice, and a new love for the culture and beauty of Southeast Asia. I cannot recommend Pineapple Yoga retreats enough and I cannot wait to return for my second one!
— Sarah, Louisiana
Thanks again so much for bringing such a beautiful addition to my wedding day. My two best friends from home started crying in savasana because of how beautifully you incorporated aspects of me into the class. Also, when my friend got home from the wedding she quit her gym membership to pick up a yoga studio membership! You were the inspiration. :)
— Kathryn, D.C.
She said to be content in the moment at yoga today. Focus on the positive, leave the past in the past and focus on right now. With beautiful views and awesome friends it made it very easy. Thank you for today and every Friday, Pineapple Yoga.
— Jayme, Guam
I wanted to let you know I really needed to hear what you said tonight. I have been very caught up in myself lately and I appreciate all that you said.”
— Lauren, Guam
If you’re an athlete on Guam and you’re not going to Pineapple Yoga classes you are seriously doing yourself a disservice! The sunset classes are so great as are the sunrise restorative classes. I think as endurance athletes we spend so much time thinking about cadence, RPMs, mile pacing, etc. Yoga is so essential for turning all that off and being proud of what your body has accomplished and is doing for you day in and day out. Thank you for a great class and time on my mat!
— The Traveling Triathlete, Guam
One of the most special moments of the weekend was the yoga session that Pineapple Yoga led before everyone began getting ready for the ceremony. She dedicated this session to the beloved bride, Nancy, who is the perfect example of compassion and selflessness. Everyone was given the opportunity to honor Nancy and return her selfless love in a beautiful way that lasted throughout the entire day. Thank you Pineapple Yoga for leading everyone through such a powerful and moving session!
— E. Anthony Weddings, California
I felt so good after class today...I cried a little on my drive home! Thank you for coming back. I truly missed your inspirational words and motivating class!
— Cassie, Guam
For me, I’ve been so lucky to find such a great fit at Pineapple Yoga. The community here has been a large part of my Guam experience, and I so enjoy the friendships I’ve made. Also, my side bodies have never been longer. Just kidding, not really. :)
— Jill, Guam
The yoga retreat to Cambodia was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The framework of twice daily yoga and meditation in a cozy tropical villa opened up a unique perspective on this enduring culture, offering an opportunity for reflection and personal growth as well as an improved yoga practice. I returned to my family and my job with a reinvigorated body and a renewed spirit.
— Roz, Guam